Our Approach

QCC uses evidence based approaches combined with emerging practice techniques to maximize a clients ability to engage positively with their treatment experience.  All counselors have years of experience and work collaboratively with each client to create treatment goals and plans that will create the change behaviors needed to maximize their benefits of treatment.  Each client is placed in a group that not only meets their scheduling needs but provides them an opportunity to express themselves openly without judgement.  QCC welcomes and respects cultural diversity.

Our History

QCC was founded in 2002 by 3 social workers with many years of experience providing services in clinical and criminal justice settings.  The agency has a long history of assisting a variety of governmental agencies in developing specialized policy and procedures related to the prevention of victimization.  QCC provides services to anyone in the NYC and surrounding areas.  QCC receives referrals directly from social workers, criminal defense lawyers, legal services agency's, district attorney's offices, Criminal Courts, Family Courts, children services agency's, Parole, Probation and self referrals.  The agency has successfully worked with thousands of clients since its inception.

Meet the Directors

Larry Menzie,  LCSW-R, Director of Problematic Sexual Behaviors services has over 25yrs experience in the field of social work.  He is a New York State Executive Board Member of the Association of the Treatment of Sexual Abusers (ATSA), an internationally recognized member group of treatment providers, researchers and law enforcement individuals working in the area of preventing, treating and researching best practices preventing sexual abuse. He is also the President of the NYS Alliance of Sex Offender Service Providers. A NYS based group focused on preventing and treating sexual abuse in the community.  In his role with these organizations he organizes statewide trainings, and conferences along with providing consultation on best practices in the treatment, supervision and prevention of sexual violence.  Larry is a former Parole Officer, and has experience working with: victims, LGBT individuals, homelessness, addiction, policy, and individuals in crisis.

Beth Covelli, LCSW-R has joined QCC as a new Partner/Director.  Beth has a long history of working in Queens and as a partner will be overseeing several new initiatives and we look forward to sharing them with you as they develop.  Beth is a clinician and administrator with strong clinical acuity, and expertise in program development. She is experienced in substance abuse treatment services and mental health counseling, as well as possessing a strong ability in creating strategic alliances to effectively serve clients, referents, and programs. Beth is very knowledge and demonstrates expertise in service integration in substance abuse treatment, mental health services, and work with the forensic population.

Lillian Passoni, LCSW-R- (former) Director has over 25yrs of experience in the field of social work.  She is a retired NYS Parole Officer, former child protective worker, and  specializes in behavioral health psychotherapy.

Queens Counseling for Change was chosen as one of only three approved sexual offender treatment programs by the NYC Department of Probation in 2007. The agency assisted the Department in their development of policy and procedures regarding supervision, and treatment of sexual offenders. The agency was chosen in 2009 to be the primary provider and assisted in the development of the specialized court part in Queens County supervising sexual offender cases.

QCC provides a myriad of services: problematic sexual behaviors, sexual offenses, batterers, anger management, DWI (evaluations only), and bias crimes.

All services are provided in English and Spanish with day, evening and weekend hours available.  No client is turned away if they are motivated to comply with their mandate and desire to change. The agency utilizes varied approaches to engage a difficult population.