The agency is conveniently located in Long Island City E/M/R/7/N/W trains and following buses Q101.

The length of the program will depend on what service you are being referred for.  The program works with all court mandates, non-mandated individuals and can modify the length of any program to satisfy a variety of issues/needs. You will be expected to attend one group session weekly and will be provided options of days and times to attend during your intake.

The agency works with clients who are mandated, voluntary or have a case pending.   The agency believes in the value of treatment and that an individual can begin to become oriented to the concepts being presented and a better understanding of their risk factors prior to accepting a resolution of their case.

In  cases we are able to utilize your health insurance you will be responsible for any co-payments.  Your insurance may cover all or part of your treatment. Please ensure your insurance information is provided prior to your intake appointment to verify it is active and if you are responsible for co-payments. Failure to do so may result in your appointment being cancelled or rescheduled. 

Should you not have, or choose not to utilize your insurance, you will be charged an intake fee (usually $75) and a fee for each group you attend (usually $45).  Individual sessions are up to $150 an hour. There are usually no other fees involved. The agency accepts credit cards, money orders and checks. In limited situations the agency may provide a reduced fee for those that are eligible. Should you fail to attend and your case be closed you may also be charged a re-admission fee.

The program can not grant you an ability to accelerate e.g. attending more than once a week without the Judge’s permission.

The agency is open evenings and Saturdays. All groups are provided in English and Spanish.

Your first time at the agency will be for an intake. You will be given a packet to fill out which will contain questions related to your current information, any accusations that may be leading you to treatment,  criminal and/or family court involvement , educational and family history, substance and mental health history, current family and employment situation, what you would like to get from treatment.

You will also be asked to sign several papers; releases of information, insurance information, other papers that will explain what to expect and rules of the agency. A staff member will meet with you and discuss any concerns you may have and assess any other issues that may need to be addressed before or during your treatment with the agency.

Each group is led by a trained group facilitator working from a curriculum specifically developed to assist clients. Groups may include the use of written exercises, audio visual materials, role plays and other materials as deemed appropriate by the facilitator and/or agency Director.  Most importantly you must be open to participating in an honest and meaningful manner to maximize the benefits of treatment.

For many this may be their first experience in any type of treatment. We ask that everyone be respectful, be on time, attend with consistency the same group, and follow agency rules.

You will not be allowed into group if you appear to be under the influence and the agency may request you submit to a breathalyzer  should you appear to be under the influence. Attending treatment under the influence can not be tolerated given safety issues and a persons ability to engage in the treatment process.

The agency will be reporting back to the Court and/or other legal entities (which will be discussed with you) your progress, your attendance, treatment goals and how you are progressing towards treatment goals. It is important that each individual take responsibility for their own treatment and seriously work with their group facilitator on treatment goals identified. Failing to seriously work towards treatment goals will result in a meeting with the Director to assess if you can continue with the Program.

The program accepts males age 13 years old and older and females 18yrs and older.

Given the sensitivity of our counseling we understand you may want to bring someone with you during the intake process however while in treatment we can not accommodate guests waiting for you due to confidentiality issues.

The agency and its staff are mandatory reporters under NYS law. Mandated reporters are required to report suspected child abuse or maltreatment when they are presented with a reasonable cause to suspect child abuse or maltreatment. The staff are also mandated to report imminent danger to self or others and must by law take action.